Dental center «TopDent» -
for people and about people!

Professional team, premium equipment, modern methods of treatment
and atmosphere of comfort - our main goals.

About us

“Top Dent” is a high class dental center, ready to provide our patients with multiple choices of combined treatments, all performed in one place within our clinic  in the framework of a concept developed by the experienced doctors and agreed with you. European equipment, modern treatment protocols, innovative technologies, high quality materials, professional and friendly staff, and , mainly, a strong team of doctors of different specialties – are the undoubted advantages of our clinic.

Dental Center “Top Dent” was created to please the most demanding patients, the ones who  appreciate the quality of treatment,  combined with a high level of service and comfort. At the same time, we adhere to a strict individual approach for everyone who cames to us for help.

A children’s zone has been created for the youngest patients where they can immerse into the world of toys and cartoons having forgotten about all the fears associated with visiting a dentist.

Why choose us?


medical staff

Sterilization tools with autoclaves MELAG, SIRONA

European equipment

of new generation

Warranty almost for all types of services

Treatment of patients with complex dental problems

Reception by appointment without waiting in line




between quality and price

If you need professional dental care - book an appointment right now!

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    Pediatric dentistry
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    Professional hygiene
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    «TopDent» Team

    Andrey Chernysh: Ph.D. in Medicine, Dentist, surgeon-implantologist

    Andrey Chernysh

    Ph.D. in Medicine, Dentist, surgeon-implantologist

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    Evgeny Kopytko: Dentist, therapist

    Evgeny Kopytko

    Dentist, therapist

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    Liana  Golub: Orthopedist, orthodontist

    Liana Golub

    Orthopedist, orthodontist

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    Marina Plaksienko: Pediatric dentist

    Marina Plaksienko

    Pediatric dentist

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    Taras Hnatovskyi: Dentist, therapist

    Taras Hnatovskyi

    Dentist, therapist

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    You deserve qualified dental treatment!

      By clicking on the request button, you agree to the terms of personal data processing.

      Cost of services

      Cost of services
      300 UAH
      Treatment plan, dіagnostic
      500 UAH
      starting at 180 UAH
      Caries treatment
      starting at 800 UAH
      Pulpit, periodontitis treatment
      starting at 1800 UAH
      Crown from metal-ceramic
      3400 UAH
      Crown from zirconium dioxide
      5500 UAH
      Crown whole ceramics
      7500 UAH
      Ceramic veneer
      7500 UAH
      Arch prosthesis
      starting at 10500 UAH
      starting at 15500 UAH
      starting at 14000 UAH
      Bone augmentation
      starting at 12000 UAH
      Whitening system BEYOND
      3900 UAH
      Office chemical whitening
      3200 UAH
      Tooth extraction
      starting at 600 UAH
      Retinings tooth extraction
      starting at 4200 UAH
      Medicated sleep
      starting at 6000 UAH/per 2 hours
      Complex professional oral hygiene
      1500 UAH
      950 UAH
      Orthodontic treatment (braces)
      starting at 9000 UAH

      Appointment to the doctor

      Come for a consultation if you have the following concerns:

      • aching or acute toothache;
      • caries of milk or permanent teeth;
      • the need to improve the aesthetics of a smile;
      • malocclusion;
      • the absence of one or more teeth;
      • inflammatory processes in the mouth.

      We will help to cope with ANY dental problems, as we approach the issue comprehensively and prevent the emergence of new problems at an early stage of their occurrence.

      Upon receipt of your application, our clinic administrator will contact you to confirm your appointment.

      Book an appointment

        By clicking on the request button, you agree to the terms of personal data processing.